About Us

The AMR Policy Accelerator uses research and evidence to advise the world’s governments, public health institutions and decision makers on policies to ensure sustainable antimicrobial use for everyone.

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the greatest threats humanity faces today. The impact of AMR is far-reaching with consequences for human health, the global economy, the environment and global health equity–and the magnitude of this problem grows every year. In 2019, AMR was responsible for 1.27 million deaths worldwide. By 2050, it is estimated that AMR will cause 10 million deaths annually and will cumulatively cost the world economy US$100 trillion.

The AMR Policy Accelerator specializes in providing timely, evidence-based policy research to support clients’ policy needs. Learn more about the AMR Policy Accelerator’s services and how we can help you address antimicrobial resistance.

Our Advisory Board provides strategic and technical guidance on the prioritization of the Accelerator’s efforts to address emerging AMR policy needs at the global level. The board is composed of global leaders in the AMR and policy fields and provides representation across One Health sectors – human, animal and environmental health.

The AMR Policy Accelerator Team consists of an interdisciplinary group of researchers and policy analysts with professional backgrounds in epidemiology, international law and veterinary science. Our team provides representation from all One Health sectors and is trained in providing consulting services that include an equity perspective.

Are you working in AMR surveillance and epidemiology? Join our network for the opportunity to contribute to research that will inform global and national policy responses to AMR. As part of our network, you’ll receive information about upcoming research projects and opportunities for collaboration.

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